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Traumatic injury in Avon, CT

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About Traumatic Oral Injuries

Traumatic injuries to your teeth, soft tissues in your mouth (gums, tongue, and lips), or jaw may result from a direct impact to the face. Oral injuries can happen when playing sports, during a car accident, or from a fall. Trauma that occurs to the facial region may result in cracked teeth, avulsed (knocked-out) or dislodged (extruded) teeth, cuts to the gums, or even a damaged jaw. In some cases, such as with children, the pulp (the vital portion of a tooth) may become exposed during a traumatic injury. Without treatment, such an injury could be detrimental to the tooth, especially if the root has not yet completely formed. This type of emergency situation that requires experienced endodontic care to preserve and protect future oral health. At Avon Dental Group, our trusted team of general dentists performs offers immediate 24-hour urgent dental care to address oral and dental problems that occur due to a traumatic injury. Get in touch with our office immediately if you or your loved one are in need of immediate dental care.

Candidates for Treatment

Young children, teens, adults, and older individuals can all be at risk for sustaining a traumatic injury. Trauma to the mouth or jaw can occur at any time and may result in a cracked tooth, loose teeth, dislodged or knocked-out teeth, root fractures, or cuts on your tongue or gums. Even if an oral injury does not appear serious or feel painful, Avon, CT patients are encouraged to seek immediate assistance from one of our experienced emergency dentists to address the trauma and prevent additional damage. We can also recommend methods to preserve your tooth or minimize your discomfort until you arrive at our practice.

Your Traumatic Injury Visit

Treatments for an oral injury will vary based on the severity of the condition but some of the most common traumatic injuries we see are dislodged and knocked-out teeth and damaged or broken teeth due to direct impact. Our team will assess your injury and may take digital x-rays to better understand the extent of your condition. In some cases, endodontic intervention may be required, including apexogenesis and apexification procedures. These advanced treatments are performed to save damaged permanent teeth in children where the internal pulp has been exposed or injured and the tooth root is not yet fully formed. If a tooth has become extruded or avulsed, we will work quickly to try and reimplant the tooth into the socket. Regardless of your treatment needs, our dentists are dedicated to restoring your family's health, comfort, and oral function as swiftly and comprehensively as possible.

Recovery Following Care

Recovery time will vary based on your trauma and the treatment(s) that have been performed. Some situations may require follow-up visits or additional treatments to fully treat the traumatic injury. Our clinical team will provide you with specific recovery directions at the end of your visit. You will likely need to avoid strenuous activities or putting too much pressure on the injured region to prevent additional damage. A custom-made mouth guard may be recommended if you or your family member plays sports to minimize the risk of future injuries. During your routine dental exams and cleanings at Avon Dental Group, our team will continue to asses your healing and overall oral health and wellness.

Insurance Coverage

Once we have created your treatment plan, our financial team will contact your dental insurance provider to determine if your plan offers benefits for your care. We will help you understand your coverage and maximize your benefits to reduce any out-of-pocket costs. Avon Dental Group partners with CareCredit to offer no-interest financing solutions to our patients and accepts a wide variety of payment methods.

Trusted Traumatic Injury Care

Traumatic injuries can be frightening for patients of all ages. However, our trusted and experienced team is here when you need us most. At Avon Dental Group, our skilled dentists will work quickly to treat traumatic oral injuries and return health to your smile. To learn more, contact our established family dental practice in Avon, CT right away.

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