Tooth Extractions in Avon, CT

About Tooth Extractions

Even though our skilled team makes every effort to repair and save natural teeth, there are cases in which a tooth or teeth might need to be taken out to preserve oral health. At Avon Dental Group, our general dentists have decades of experience in performing simple and surgical extractions, including wisdom tooth extractions. A simple extraction removes a tooth that is visible and generally easy to remove. This is typically used for a tooth that is decayed or damaged and cannot be repaired. A surgical extraction removes a tooth that has not fully erupted through the gumline or may be more difficult to take out of the jaw. Surgical extractions are commonly performed to remove the wisdom teeth and impacted teeth that do not have enough space to fit into your smile. Regardless of the reason for needing an extraction our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care. Our Avon, CT office offers sedation techniques such as nitrous oxide and oral-conscious sedation to help you can stay comfortable throughout your procedure. Contact our team for more information or to schedule a treatment evaluation with one of our dentists.

Are Extractions Right for You?

Avon Dental Group offers gentle tooth extractions for patients of all ages. We also perform wisdom tooth extractions, which are often impacted within the jaw and typically removed around the ages of 17 – 21. Our team also extracts retained baby teeth that may be obstructing the proper eruption of permanent teeth. Patients who are preparing to undergo orthodontics may require the removal of premolar teeth to facilitate ideal bite alignment. If a tooth is broken or damaged from decay, our team will make every effort to repair it using a filling, crown, or restorative measure. However, a tooth that is severely damaged, abscessed, or no longer has proper bone support (from advanced gum disease) may need to be removed to save your oral health. Should you need to have a functional tooth removed, we can help you choose an ideal tooth replacement option before your extraction visit.

What to Expect During Care

Extractions are performed in our office using local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth being removed. Sedation techniques may also be administered depending on the type of extraction and to help you stay relaxed throughout the procedure. To complete a simple extraction, our dentists will loosen the tooth from the socket using a special device called an elevator and gently remove the tooth from the mouth. A surgical extraction entails making incisions in your gums to reach the tooth. If necessary, the tooth may be broken into smaller pieces so that it can be removed from the jaw. We may then add a small amount of bone grafting tissue into the extraction site to preserve that area of the jaw for future dental implant placement. When the tooth has been extracted, sutures may be placed to close off and protect the treatment sites.

My initial visit was scheduled with Dr. Claire Fagan and her hygienist, Brianna. I was so impressed by their attention to detail and the way in which they effectively communicated during the appointment. They were kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I could tell that Dr. Fagan truly cares about her patients.

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I had a wonderful experience on my 1st visit to Avon dental. I had Briana as my hygienist, she was very thorough and gentle as well. Dr. Geelan was kind and gave me great recomendations for my future dental care. I highly recommend this dental practice.

J.J. Google

Hygienist John is fantastic! The doctors in this practice are just as good!

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Friendly, capable, and accommodating staff. Especially Stacie!!

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Recovery After Extractions

Depending on the form of sedation used during your extraction, you might need to have a responsible adult take you home. As your mouth heals, you should avoid smoking, spitting, and using straws, as doing so may impair the clotting and healing process. Your recovery will vary depending on the extent of your tooth extraction but you may need to eat soft, cool food for at least a few days following the procedure. It is normal to experience soreness and swelling in the gums or face following a tooth extraction. Cool compresses against the jaw and over-the-counter pain medication can minimize any discomfort. A follow-up visit may be scheduled so that our team can monitor your healing following your extraction procedure.

Are Extractions Covered?

Tooth extractions are generally covered in part by dental insurance. However, sedation services may not be counted as a benefit. Before your procedure, we will call your insurance company to determine your specific coverage and estimate your expenses. Avon Dental Group is pleased to bring convenient payment solutions to our patients and their families, including no-interest financing options through CareCredit.

Improve Your Oral Health

While we do everything possible to preserve the longevity of teeth, there are times when a tooth extraction is the best call for your oral health. Avon Dental Group offers simple and surgical tooth extractions for patients of all ages, from stubborn baby teeth to impacted wisdom teeth. To learn more about tooth extractions from our experienced team, contact our practice in Avon, CT and schedule your visit today. Be sure to ask about sedation options to help you stay calm and relaxed during your procedure.

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