Dental Crowns in Avon, CT

About Custom Dental Crowns

If a tooth is damaged, decayed, or worn down, it can often be strengthened and protected with a dental crown restoration. Dental crowns, also called "caps," are custom-made to cover affected teeth from the gumline up and shaded to blend with your surrounding teeth for an attractive finish. At Avon Dental Group, our skilled general dentists may recommend a dental crown to address a number of restorative and cosmetic treatment needs. To bring a greater level of convenience and excellence in results to Avon, CT patients, our talented professional lab technicians and ceramists fabricate dental crowns on-site, within our full-service dental lab. Make an appointment with our team today to earn about how a custom dental crown may repair or strengthen a damaged tooth while also enhancing the total health of your smile.

Is a Crown Right for You?

Dental crowns may be recommended to serve a wide range of restorative and cosmetic needs. They may be used to restore may be used to treat a large cavity, strengthen a weak tooth, hold together a cracked tooth, or mask a discolored tooth. Crowns may be recommended to rebuild worn or broken teeth and bring strength to a root canal-treated tooth. Our team also uses crowns to restore a single dental implant during the process of replacing individually missing teeth. To meet your unique treatment needs, crowns may be made from a range of high-quality materials, including porcelain (ceramic), porcelain-fused-to-metal, other aesthetic materials, and high-noble metals (like gold). During your consultation, our team will review your options and help you choose the best crown material for your oral health and desired aesthetic outcomes.

What Is the Treatment Process?

Dental crowns are generally completed within two visits to our dental practice. While we use a local anesthetic to provide comfort during your procedure, sedation dentistry services may also be available if you feel nervous when you visit the dentist. Once your tooth is numb, we will treat and remove any decayed or damaged areas. An impression of your prepared tooth will be taken using our advanced iTero Element 2 digital scanner, which eliminates the need for messing impression materials and allows for a more accurate fit. A temporary crown will then be placed for you to wear while our lab makes your permanent dental crown. A versatile option that can be placed anywhere in the mouth, crowns are precision-made by our ceramists to match the shape, color, and size of your natural teeth for a natural and seamless appeal. As soon as your new crown is ready, we will schedule you to come back to our office to have it cemented in place or attached to your dental implant. Your new restoration will be adjusted to ensure comfort for your bite.

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Following Your Crown Placement

Unless sedation was used, you should be able to leave our office once the procedure is done and get back to your day. Our friendly team will go over how to care for your dental crown, including any foods that should be avoided while wearing a temporary and the best way to clean around your new restoration. During your subsequent cleaning and exam visits at Avon Dental Group, our dentists will assess the fit and wear of your dental crown. Your crown can last several years with appropriate care and attention. If you have any trouble with your crown (if it becomes loose or falls off), contact our office immediately for a repair. It is best to avoid replacing it on your own, which can lead to further dental complications and treatment needs.

Insurance Coverage

Depending on your dental insurance plan and individual benefits, a portion of your crown treatment may be covered. Once we talk to your insurance company, we can estimate your personal costs. Avon Dental Group is proud to work with several insurance companies and partners with CareCredit to bring no-interest financing solutions to our patients. A range of payment options is also available to help make your dental care convenient and affordable.

Custom Crowns for Your Smile

Dental crowns are common restorations used to treat an array of dental conditions, from tooth decay to broken teeth. Avon Dental Group is proud to bring custom, convenient crown solutions to our patients through our advanced skills and in-house professional dental lab. To learn how a dental crown can restore and protect a damaged tooth, schedule your visit with our Avon, CT team of dentists today. We are pleased to offer the personalized solutions you need for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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