Dental Sealants in Avon, CT

What Are Dental Sealants?

Cavities can develop on any surface of the teeth but often form within the deep pits and grooves that naturally occur on the chewing areas of back teeth. Dental sealants are a simple preventive measure we use to protect back teeth against the development of cavities (tooth decay). Made of a thin, white or tooth-colored material, sealants are applied to the tops of premolars and molars, filling in the grooves to block out bacteria, plaque, tartar, and food particles, which can be difficult to remove even with thorough brushing techniques. The team of general dentists at Avon Dental Care often recommend sealants for children and at-risk patients to lower the risk of tooth decay and minimize the need for future restorative care. To learn if dental sealants are ideal for your family's oral health, schedule a visit at our Avon, CT dental practice.

Candidates for Dental Sealants

Most often, sealants are suggested for young children and teenagers who may have a more difficult time maintaining a good oral hygiene routine. However, some adults might be good candidates for sealants as well. We generally recommend placing sealants on the permanent molars once they fully erupt into the mouth. The placement of dental sealants is not recommended for teeth that already show signs of decay or that have been treated with fillings or other restorations. Sealant application is a simple, fast treatment that usually does not require sedation or anesthesia, which makes it an easy procedure for many patients.

The Treatment Process

During your family's dental exams, one of our dentists will examine the teeth to determine if dental sealants are a good treatment option. Prior to the application, we will clean and polish the chewing surfaces of the designated teeth to remove bacteria, plaque, and any food debris. A conditioning solution will be applied and the teeth will be rinsed and thoroughly dried. We will then brush the sealant material into the grooves of the back teeth and cure (harden) it with a special light. After the sealants are set, our team will check to ensure they have settled into the correct positions and adjust the bite for comfort if needed.

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Caring for Sealants

After sealants have been placed, a normal daily routine can be resumed. However, it is important to avoid eating hard, sticky, or chewy foods for the next couple of days. We recommend following a regular oral hygiene routine, including brushing the teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily. With good care, sealants may be long-lasting. During routine dental exams and cleanings, at Avon Dental Group, our dentists and hygienists will continually evaluate your family member's dental sealants to ensure they are still providing cavity protection.

Insurance Coverage

Since dental sealants are a preventive treatment, many dental insurance companies cover all or part of the cost for patients under a certain age. Coverage can vary, especially for adults, so a team member will contact your insurance provider and let you know of any estimated costs. Avon Dental Group accepts a wide array of easy payment methods and can assist you with applying for no-interest CareCredit financing.

Protect Your Family's Smiles

Your family members may benefit from dental sealants to protect the teeth against the development of tooth decay. A quick and easy procedure, dental sealants from our Avon, CT practice can help minimize the need for more extensive dental procedures and keep the smiles of those you love healthy and happy. Find out more information about dental sealants by reserving your consultation at Avon Dental Group. 

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