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Dental Cleanings in Avon, CT

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About Teeth Cleanings

Even if you have a perfect oral hygiene routine at home, it is still extremely important to schedule professional cleanings at Avon Dental Group at least twice each year. Dental cleanings eliminate plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth and polish away surface stains for a brighter, healthier smile. During your dental cleaning visits, our friendly hygienists will also provide tips on caring for your teeth at home and point out any areas that may need extra care. Dental exams are generally performed during teeth cleanings appointments, giving our skilled general dentists a chance to evaluate your overall oral health and screen for any potential dental concerns that may be affecting your smile. To schedule dental cleanings for your family, please contact our friendly Avon, CT team today.

Benefits of Routine Cleanings

The ADA (American Dental Association) suggests that patients have professional dental cleanings at least two times per year. Children should have their first dental exam before they turn a year old. After this initial visit, our dentists help you decide when your child will be ready for their next dental appointment or cleaning visit. A dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar (essentially hard plaque) from the teeth, which can minimize your risk of oral problems like cavities and gum disease. Teeth cleanings also eliminate stains from the surfaces of your tooth enamel caused by coffee, tea, berries, and other foods and beverages. To brighten your smile, freshen your breath, and protect your overall health, we encourage you to schedule a dental cleaning at Avon Dental Group.

Your Dental Cleaning Visit

Our skilled dental hygienists will begin your cleaning by removing the tartar and plaque buildup from your teeth. We use specially designed professional instruments to carefully eliminate buildup without harming tooth structures. An ultrasonic device, combing high-speed vibrations and a refreshing lubricating mist, will break up larger deposits of tartar and plaque. Handheld instruments, such as a scaler or curette, will then be used to fine-scale any remaining pieces. Once each tooth has been individually treated, we will carefully polish your enamel to remove surface stains and create a smooth, fresh feel. If requested or needed, a fluoride treatment will be administered after the cleaning to help strengthen and protect the teeth.

Maintaining Oral Health

Our dentists may recommend cleanings more frequently if you have other oral health concerns such as periodontal disease or if a member of your family is undergoing orthodontic treatment. Keeping up with good oral hygiene at home is very important to your overall oral health and wellness. During your dental cleaning visit, our team will help you create a routine for maintaining your teeth and gums each day. We will demonstrate proper techniques and may recommend other solutions to help you focus on your specific oral concerns. At the end of your treatment, we will help you set up your next cleaning appointment.

Insurance Coverage

A professional cleaning is a preventive treatment and is typically covered by dental insurance. A member of our office will talk to your insurance company to understand your specific coverage and let you know of any potential out-of-pocket costs. If you do not carry insurance, please talk with our team about our convenient options to help you cover your family's care. Avon Dental Group is pleased to accept a range of payment methods, including patient financing through CareCredit.

Enjoy Bright, Healthy Smiles

Help keep your family's teeth healthy and bright with routine dental cleanings at Avon Dental Group. Our experienced dentists and hygienists work closely with patients to improve their oral health with professional cleanings. As an important part of a preventive oral health plan, a dental cleaning can minimize your family's need for more invasive treatments down the road. Contact our Avon, CT practice today to schedule teeth cleaning appointments for your family.

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