Bone Grafting in Avon, CT

What Is Bone Grafting?

The strength and quality of your jawbone are important to your overall oral health. However, periodontal (gum) disease, physical trauma, and the loss of teeth often lead to bone loss in the jaw and leave little bone to support a dental implant. Bone grafting is a procedure our general dentists perform to help reinforce and rebuild your jawbone, so that it is stable enough to support a dental implant for tooth replacement. At Avon Dental Group, this surgery is offered to strengthen your jaw before dental implant surgery and help patients increase their candidacy for dental implant solutions. We also perform bone grafting to preserve an extraction site for implant placement in the future. If you have lost a tooth and suffered bone loss in the area or need to have a tooth removed, schedule a visit with one of our skilled dentists in Avon, CT to learn more about guided bone regeneration surgery.

Are You a Candidate?

You may be a good candidate for a bone grafting if you have jawbone loss from certain oral conditions, including gum disease or physical trauma to your mouth, or you wish to replace an extracted tooth with a dental implant. The jawbone also begins to atrophy when missing teeth are left unreplaced but can be stabilized and preserved with a dental implant. Like tooth roots, dental implants engage the bone each time you bite or chew and can help minimize the risk of further bone deterioration. Bone graft surgery rebuilds the jaw so it can support a dental implant and enable proper oral function. The procedure can also help maintain the natural contours of the jaw and face and enhance your overall appearance.

The Bone Graft Procedure

The steps of bone grafting surgery will vary based on the source of the grafted tissue and how much grafting is needed. At Avon Dental Group, our expert team utilizes several bone grafting approaches and will help you select the ideal option for your procedure. Bone grafting procedures are performed on-site from one of our comfortable treatment rooms under. Sedation techniques may also be used to help ensure a relaxed, stress-free visit. We may use one of the following procedures to perform your dental bone graft:

  • Autograft: With an autograft, bone grafting material is taken from your own body (chin).
  • Allograft: Allografts utilize healthy bone tissue from that takes the bone graft from another human (bone bank).
  • Xenograft: A xenograft incorporates bone grafting material from an animal source (usually bovine).
  • Alloplast: Allopasts use synthetic bone grafting material.

Once the graft is ready to be placed, our team will use local anesthesia to numb the areas being treated and make an incision in the gums to reveal the bone. Your bone graft will be attached to the bone along with collagen and proteins that stimulate growth within the site. In the case of extraction site preservation, bone grafting material will be added directly to the tooth sockets immediately following an extraction. The incision will be sutured closed given time to heal.

After another local practice left me completely untreated and with no legitimate referral who would take my insurance, I was left in pain with an infected upper left (#14) molar for the entire weekend of 4/5-4/8/24. Nicole was instrumental in getting me an emergency appointment at Preferred Dental in Cromwell. I have to go back, but the tooth has been opened, medicated, and I am on my way to healing. Instead of being stuck at home (in severe pain) on the phone hearing "NO" from every other dental practice in the Farmington Valley. Including a couple that had been my dentist for decades. I am sticking with this practice. Dr. Zachary Meunier and his assistant(intern?) did a great job. (I presume the other person's role, I don't mean to downplay his partner's importance in the procedure.)

E.F. Google

My initial visit was scheduled with Dr. Claire Fagan and her hygienist, Brianna. I was so impressed by their attention to detail and the way in which they effectively communicated during the appointment. They were kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I could tell that Dr. Fagan truly cares about her patients.

B.M. Google

I had a wonderful experience on my 1st visit to Avon dental. I had Briana as my hygienist, she was very thorough and gentle as well. Dr. Geelan was kind and gave me great recomendations for my future dental care. I highly recommend this dental practice.

J.J. Google

Hygienist John is fantastic! The doctors in this practice are just as good!

J.M. Google

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Following Your Bone Graft

We will provide you with special instructions on how to care for your mouth as you heal. You may notice minor discomfort and swelling, which can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication or cool compresses. Over the next 6 – 9 months, the dental bone graft will bond with your jawbone through a process known as osseointegration. During this timeframe, it is critical to follow a good oral care routine with brushing and flossing along with any other home care recommendations from our team. A follow-up visit will be scheduled so that our team can determine when your jaw is ready for dental implant placement following your bone graft.

Insurance Coverage

Avon Dental Group accepts a wide range of dental insurance plans. Before we begin your procedure, our team will determine if your insurance provides coverage for bone grafting and let you know of any anticipated out-of-pocket costs. If you do not carry dental insurance or have a portion of your care to cover on your own, we can help you select a convenient payment option and provide information on no-interest medical financing.

A Healthy, Stable Foundation

Bone grafting can help regenerate lost bone tissue and build the solid support your future implants need for success. Avon Dental Group is proud to offer the advanced solutions you need to rebuild the foundation of your jaw and reestablish health, stable function, and cosmetic appearance. To learn more about your options for a dental bone graft in Avon, CT, get in touch with our friendly team and schedule your consultation today.

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