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Digital X-Rays in Avon, CT

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About Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays or radiographs are often completed alongside a dental examination to provide a better picture of your oral health. X-rays make it possible for our dental team in Avon, CT to diagnose concerns that are not visible by the naked eye and to understand more about the health of the interior portions of your teeth and jawbone. There are numerous dental concerns that may be diagnosed with digital images, including cavities (tooth decay) between teeth and under restorations, abscesses, cysts, bone loss, root positioning, damaged restorations, and tooth impactions. When these issues are detected early, you may have more effective and less invasive treatment options. Digital x-rays are an important component of comprehensive dental exams at Avon Dental Group and help our team more accurately diagnose and treat dental issues.

Who is a Candidate?

Avon Dental Group is committed to bringing the highest standard of care to every patient. Digital x-rays are safer, faster, and show dental structures in greater detail when compared with traditional x-ray films. Typically, x-rays are included in a routine dental exam or a preventive basis or may be taken to evaluate a specific dental problem or concern. Even though digital x-rays use significantly less radiation than film x-rays, our dentists prefer to limit patient exposure and only take x-rays as needed to evaluate your oral health. While digital x-rays are typically safe for all patients, including children, female patients who may be pregnant should inform a member of our team at the beginning of their exam so that extra cautionary steps can be taken.

The X-ray process

Generally performed at the start of a dental cleaning or exam, digital x-rays are captured through a small sensor that immediately transmits images of the mouth to our computer. Most patients will have a set of bitewing x-rays taken to evaluate for cavities between teeth and to screen for bone loss (a result of gum disease). A panorex (or panoramic) x-ray shows all areas of the mouth and jaw is very useful in identifying tooth impactions, wisdom teeth issues, eruption patterns in children, and other oral health concerns. After your x-rays are complete, our dentists will review the images with you and point out any areas that may require care. 

X-ray Frequency

A set of bitewing x-rays will typically be performed annually at your dental examination. At certain visits, a full mouth set or panoramic may be recommended to gain a comprehensive view of your teeth, bone, and jaw structures. Your x-rays will be stored in your patient record in our computer and referred to as needed throughout your future exams. This gives our dentists the opportunity to view trends and address any growing concerns.

Insurance Coverage

Typically, a dental insurance plan will cover digital x-ray costs as part of a dental examination. Our business team will review your plan benefits and let you know if there are any anticipated out-of-pocket expenses. Avon Dental Group accepts several methods of payment and can provide information on no-interest patient financing to help your family get the quality dental care needed for lasting oral health. 

Early Detection is Key

Digital imaging is a safe, useful technology that can help to diagnose hidden oral health problems as early as possible. As part of a routine dental examination, digital x-rays provide Avon, CT dental team with a highly accurate view of your teeth and jaw so that we can care for your family's smiles in the most conservative and effective way. For more information on digital x-rays and to schedule your visit, contact Avon Dental Care and speak with our friendly team today.

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