Night Guards in Avon, CT

About Bruxism and Night Guards

The grinding or clenching of the teeth, also known as bruxism, is a common, everyday issue for many of our patients that often occurs during sleep. While the most recognizable sign of bruxism is worn tooth enamel, habitual teeth grinding may also cause inflammation, headaches, and tooth pain, among other uncomfortable symptoms. To protect your mouth and health against the effects of bruxism, our experienced general dentists offer custom night guards to protect your oral structures while you rest. Custom night guards are made from high-grade materials that comfortably fit in your mouth between the upper and lower teeth and work to diminish teeth grinding and jaw clenching. If teeth grinding is keeping you from experience a good night's sleep, schedule a visit at Avon Dental Group to learn if a custom night guard might be just the solution you need.

Are You a Candidate?

A range of signs and symptoms may indicate that a patient is clenching the jaw and/or grinding their teeth at night. Patients who suffer from bruxism often wake up with tightness and pain in the jaw, headaches, and muscle tenderness. Other signs include damaged restorations, enamel wear, a receding gumline, and tooth sensitivity. Grinding or clenching at night is often caused by stress but may also be the result of allergies, misaligned teeth, a sleep disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). When our team diagnoses bruxism, we also try to determine the cause so tat night guard therapy may be combined with other treatments to generate the best possible results.

The Night Guard Process

Following a bruxism diagnosis, our team will obtain impressions of the upper and lower arch to create a custom night guard. Avon Dental Group is proud to feature our own on-site dental lab, where our skilled professional lab technicians custom-make night guard appliances from the durable, high-quality materials. When your night guard is finished, we will have you return to receive your appliance and have it fitted by one of our dentists. If necessary, we can make small adjustments so that it fits comfortably yet securely over your upper or lower teeth. Instructions on how to care for your night guard will also be provided.

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Wearing Your Night Guard

For maximum protection against bruxism, it is important to wear your appliance each night. Your night guard will serve to relieve or eliminate the pain and risks of dental complications caused by bruxism. If it does not provide relief, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can address any concerns and explore other therapies. To help keep your night guard and mouth in good condition, we recommend that you clean and care for your teeth and gums and night guard before and after each use. We also encourage you to bring your night guard to all future appointments so our team can evaluate its effectiveness and make any adjustments as necessary.

Insurance Coverage

If you have been diagnosed with bruxism, a portion of your night guard may be covered by dental insurance. Our experienced business team will review your policy and help you maximize your coverage. To help make dental care as affordable as possible, Avon Dental Group accepts various convenient payment options and partners with CareCredit to bring easy financing solutions to our patients.

Restore Comfort to Your Smile

Grinding your teeth can lead to pain and discomfort in a variety of ways. Night guards offer a viable solution to lessen the negative side effects resulting from jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Customized night guards from Avon Dental Group may also improve the overall health of your mouth and deter future issues. If you think a night guard may be the solution you seek or you are interested in learning more, call our staff in Avon, CT to schedule an appointment with one of our caring general dentists.

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