Tooth-Colored Fillings in Avon, CT

About Composite Fillings

Cavities are a common problem and are created when bacteria produce an acid that destroys our dental enamel. Previously, cavities were treated with an amalgam material, which is a combination of metals such as mercury or silver. We now know that amalgam fillings do not fuse well with the teeth and the mercury can be hazardous to your general health. At Avon Dental Group, our team of trusted dentists uses tooth-colored fillings made from a composite resin to fill and protect decayed or broken. We may also be able to replace old silver fillings with tooth-colored composite for a safer and more attractive restorative option for your health and smile.

Are Composites Right for You?

Composite resin tooth-colored fillings rebuild damaged teeth by filling in areas that have been damaged by bacteria. Ideal for patients of all ages, composite resin is a useful material that may also be used to correct other issues with your teeth, including chips or excessive wear on the enamel by bruxism (teeth grinding). Since the composite resin is colored to blend with your teeth, tooth-colored fillings can be used on both the back and front areas of the mouth for a natural look and feel. If you have metal fillings, talk with our dentists about getting them taken out and replaced with composite resin.

The Restorative Process

Having a tooth-colored filling placed with our team at Avon Dental Group is typically an easy process. The treatment area will be numbed with a local anesthetic to help you feel more comfortable. Other forms of sedation can be discussed to help keep you relaxed if you have any fears or anxieties. Once you are prepared, the decayed enamel will be gently removed by one of our skilled and experienced dentists. After the enamel is cleared away and the tooth is disinfected, our dentists will select a shade of composite that matches your color of enamel. The tooth will then be filled with the composite material and hardened with an LED curing light. We will polish the composite resin so that it blends with your tooth and feels like a natural part of your smile.

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Caring for Composite Fillings

You should be able to get back to your day after your tooth-colored filling is done, but you might have a sensitivity to cold and hot food and beverages for 1 – 3 days. A nonprescription pain medication can be taken to control any discomfort if needed. Our dentists take special care to ensure composite fillings fit naturally and seamlessly within the teeth. Since you will like to receive a local anesthetic for your filling procedure, you may not be able to determine the comfort of your new filling when you bite together. Please contact us if your filling feels high or uneven once your anesthetic wears off. Your tooth-colored filling should be cleaned by following a normal home oral care routine including daily brushing and flossing. Composite fillings are very durable and can last many years when cared for properly.

Are Composites Covered?

Composite resin fillings are a standard treatment for dental cavities that are typically covered in part by dental insurance. A member of our team will contact your dental insurance company to understand your coverage let you know of any personal cost. If you do not carry insurance or have out-of-pocket expenses, our team at Avon Dental Group still wants you to have access to outstanding care. We are pleased to offer no-interest financing plans among an array of other easy payment solutions.

Natural-Looking Solutions

Cavities may be a common concern, but they can lead to greater treatment needs if not addressed in a timely manner. At Avon Dental Group, our team of dentists is proud to offer modern treatment solutions, including tooth-colored composite fillings for treating cavities and damaged teeth. Composite is shaded to blend naturally with surrounding teeth and create a smooth, seamless look for your smile. If you suspect you or a family member has tooth decay, contact us to schedule a dental exam at our Avon, CT practice today.

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