Dental Bridges in Avon, CT

About Fixed Dental Bridges

Losing any number of teeth can impact your oral health and quality of life in several ways. Tooth loss may alter your ability to bite and chew with comfort and speak and smile in confidence. When a tooth lost, surrounding teeth may drift into this space, changing how the teeth line up and creating an imbalance and tension in the jaw. A fixed dental bridge is a tooth replacement option offered at Avon Dental Group to replace 1 – 3 consecutively missing teeth. Dental bridges are made of two or more dental crowns that fill a missing tooth space by connecting to your natural teeth or a set of dental implants. Our expert dentists have years of experience in replacing missing teeth with dental bridges and use the finest materials to help bring normal function and cosmetic appeal back to your smile following tooth loss. If you have one or more missing teeth, please schedule a consultation at our Avon, CT practice to learn about your restoration options with a dental bridge.

Is a Bridge Right for You?

Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic issue — gaps between the smile may have a powerful impact on the health of your mouth. With time, a missing tooth may lead to the shifting of remaining teeth, causing bite problems and a number of other dental complications. Since dental bridges are supported by teeth adjacent to the open space or dental implants surgically placed within the jaw, the surrounding teeth, gums, and bone tissue must be healthy. If you have 1 – 3 teeth missing within a given area of your mouth, you may be a great candidate for a fixed dental bridge. A dental bridge is made of three or more dental crowns that our talented dental ceramists create and fuse together into a single appliance in our on-site dental lab. The ends of the bridge (abutments) connect to adjacent teeth or implants while the middle portion (pontic) replaced the missing tooth.

The Tooth Replacement Process

A dental bridge generally takes two appointments to complete. We strive to make treatment comfortable and pleasant and, along with local anesthetic, can administer sedation options to help keep you relaxed. During your first visit, our dentists will prepare the teeth on either side of the missing tooth, which will serve as anchors for your bridge. These teeth will be recontoured so that the ends (abutments) of the bridge can sit evenly while the center portion of the bridge (pontic) replaces the missing tooth. Once your teeth are prepared, we will take a digital impression of the area using our iTero Element 2 intraoral scanner. This eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable materials and captures a more accurate impression. Using this digital impression, our in-house ceramists will create your custom bridge to match your enamel shade and blend evenly with surrounding teeth. A temporary restoration will be placed until your permanent bridge is ready, which generally takes about two weeks. When your new bridge is ready, we will have you return and cement it securely into place to the supporting teeth or dental implants.

My initial visit was scheduled with Dr. Claire Fagan and her hygienist, Brianna. I was so impressed by their attention to detail and the way in which they effectively communicated during the appointment. They were kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I could tell that Dr. Fagan truly cares about her patients.

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I had a wonderful experience on my 1st visit to Avon dental. I had Briana as my hygienist, she was very thorough and gentle as well. Dr. Geelan was kind and gave me great recomendations for my future dental care. I highly recommend this dental practice.

J.J. Google

Hygienist John is fantastic! The doctors in this practice are just as good!

J.M. Google

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Friendly, capable, and accommodating staff. Especially Stacie!!

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Caring for Your Dental Bridge

You should notice an improvement in the appearance and function of your teeth once your bridge is placed. A member of our clinical team will teach you how to maintain your bridge at home each day. It is important to keep your bridge and mouth clean, as cavities can still develop on the teeth supporting your tooth replacement. With proper care, your custom bridge can last for several years. We recommend that you keep routine appointments at Avon Dental Group for regular dental cleanings and checkups. Our dentists will monitor the health of your bridge during each of your exam visits.

Insurance Coverage

Dental restorations like bridges are often partially covered by dental insurance companies. One of our team members will contact your insurance company to determine your out-of-pocket expenses. Avon Dental Group offers an array of payment options, including no-interest financing, to help you reestablish a healthy, attractive smile after tooth loss.

Replace Missing Teeth

Even if you do not mind the way your smile looks with a missing tooth, leaving it unreplaced may lead to further dental issues in the future. Make a consultation with our Avon, CT dentists to receive more information about dental bridges and the options that may fit your unique needs. Avon Dental Group is pleased to offer high-quality dental bridges that can help improve the health and appearance of your smile. Contact our friendly team today to make your dental appointment.

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